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Corporate Services

With a rich history in Brand PR, we now offer smart strategic advice within a broader context to position our clients as brand leaders in their own industries. We help our esteemed clients to develop synergistic brand marketing roadmap so that they can achieve their brand objectives within a shorter period of time.

Our role as enabler is clear – to help provide the clear directions and strategies our clients need in developing their brand roadmap based on the market conditions in which they operate.

The scope of our brand consultancy is not confined by narrow boundaries, but extends throughout 4 major practices under 2 strategic pillars; 


  • Developing brands as investible assets and goodwill
    value from vision to valuation (with the aim of going
    beyond the actual business worth)

    • Brand identity conceptualization
    • Brand marketing roadmap
    • Brand Profiling
    • Developing the Brand PR and Brand Creatives frameworks


    Developing brands as investible assets and
    goodwill value from vision to valuation
    (with the aim of going beyond the actual business worth)

    • Initiatives (CSI)
    • Brand leveraging through Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy programmes
    • Brand EQ and Culturalisation

  • Advanced Brand Management

    • Brand Audit and Analytics
    • Content Marketing
    • Brand Asset Development
      (including product naming and sub-brands creation)
    • Digital Brand Strategies
    • Brand Finance
    • Intellectual Properties (Common Law and Statutory)


    Issues/Crisis Management and Brand Recovery Works   


Our Service Model

Rayan Daniyal Group was founded on the premise that purposeful, timely, and strategically placed messages make the difference in success and failure. By integrating public relations, event marketing, branding and impactful creatives, our proposition has created a unique process that enables our clients to quickly gain the credible visibility and quantifiable share of voice and stay ahead of the competition.

Till today, we remain as the only Brand PR practice-agency in Singapore that places a minimum guarantee of publicity coverage the value of 3x fees paid. And through our own proprietary brand-mapping formula – Brand Quotient [BQ], the agency adds unique value in driving brand strategy and market development forward through its 3-in-1 modular communications techniques – Customer Loyalty Programme [CLP], Personality and Brand Profiling [PBP] and Corporate Social Initiative [CSI].

As we extend our domain into brand strategic development practice, we use our wealth of experience to bring the dynamic messaging capabilities to ensure that our clients brand is perceived favourably by their customers, trusted for the brand promises it made and loved enough to remain loyal over time as described below:

Customer-Brand Relationship Model

Defining Brand Go to Market (GTM) Strategies

New product / services + existing market


Brand Development and Profiling

New product / services + new market


Brand Development & Roadmap

Existing product / services + existing market


Brand Loyalty

Existing product / services
+ new market



Brand Development

Linear processes involved in Brand Development:


Brand Compliance


Brand Positioning and Value Proposition (identifying what the brand is in and not what the business is about)


Brand Personality


Brand Champion


Applied Branding and Culturalisation

Brand Insights & Opportunity

Desk Research

Brand Survey

Competitive & Market Analysis

Focus Group

Stakeholder Interviews

Brand Strategy Development

Brand Positioning

Tagline Development

Brand Platform (Vision & Mission Statement)

Brand Archetype (Personality & Tone of Voice)

Key Brand Attributes

Creative Concepts & Collaterals

Visual Style Board (Colour Palette, Typography etc.)

Brand Identity Concepts

Concept Revision & Approval

Collateral Design Development

Brand Book


Brand Profiling

Increasing the brand visibility, recall and acceptance via:

  • Media Engagement Strategies
  • Brand Audit
  • Strategic Placements and Profiling
  • Domain/Cause Championing

Brand Marketing

  • Affirming Research and Literature Review Outcomes
  • Marketing Plan
  • Developing the frameworks for Brand-centric PR and Creatives
  • Events / Outreach
  • Partnerships and Brand Leveraging
  • Spokesperson and Ambassadorship
  • Developing the building blocks for CRM/ Customer Loyalty Programme

Digital Strategies


Landscape Trending Analysis


TOFU, MOFU and BOFU pin points


Digital Channels and Content Development/Marketing


Data Analytics and Insights

Online Digital Portfolio

Brand Accelerators

Using our proprietary Brand Quotient matrix to achieve a holistic brand experience involving the following approaches:


Awards Management

A critical aspect of brand acceptance (beyond share of voice) is 3rd party recognition. An industry or brand or management award underscores the weight of the brand as tested and recommended. The likes of Superbrand Award, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, D&B Business Eminence Award, Top SME Awards etc, the awards is more than just recognition of success or quality. It represents leadership and trust, key elements for brand growth and insurance.


Customer Outreach Programme

Customer loyalty is a prized possession in today’s context. The ability to read new and existing customers behaviourial patterns and knowing the influencing drivers in customer buying decision making process provides key competitive advantage. As such developing CRM and loyalty programmes with the view of data analysis, sustaining interest and generating referrals will be critical to developing customer base and in the 80/20 business principle application.


Corporate Social Initiatives

Popularly known as CSR, this programme puts the brand on a leadership track and particularly endearing to the customers and the stakeholders. Some corporate social initiatives are so successfully managed that the CSI has become the brand manifesto and the business selling point. From the brand perspective a CSI programme is never a give-back. It is essentially a smart strategy of getting more by giving some.


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